Travel In Style With These Fashionable Luggage Brands

Published on 08/09/2019

Zippers, pockets, locks and weight are all super important factors to keep in mind when choosing a suitcase. Oh, and how could we forget about your new travel companion’s appearance? Ditch the typical black, fabric guys and welcome the bright colored, plastic newbies. Say hello to luggage that balances durability and convenience with top design. This is the future of suitcases.

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Travel In Style With These Fashionable Luggage Brands


This French luggage brand offers 10 collections of varying luggage styles and material. From titanium spinners, to a hot pink duffel bags, this company truly makes it all. You can score one of their pieces in-store or online with free shipping.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel can be thanked for making functional bags hip with their cool design. They’ve revolutionized not only backpack design, but also fanny packs and luggage products. All of their bags are made using only the most durable materials.

Embassy Travel Gear

Embassy is known for their high-quality products at bargain prices. Their signature product is the oversized tote, and at only $26, it’s a steal!


This Swedish company has recently made a name for themselves thanks to their signature knapsacks. They are known for their bright colors and strong fabrics, as well as their hefty straps. Fjallraven products are available both online and in select stores.

Steamline Luggage

Steamline is truly a unique brand as all of their luggage looks like vintage trunks. The company offers 17 different sets, each ranging in the number of pieces. All of their products are available online on their website.


Lojel specialize in hard-shell luggage in bold colors. The company’s unique website makes it easy for customers to choose the right size suitcase to fit all of their needs. The fun design of all of their products makes it hard to travel without a smile on your face.


Piquando is known for adding Italian leather into all of their travel products. They offer a wide array of duffels, suitcases, and rolling backpacks in their buttery leather material. Oh, and we love them even more for incorporating technological compartments into all of their gear.

Whatever you do, make sure you embark on your next trip decked out in the most stylish luggage there is. Your fellow passengers will be oogling over your new travel merchandise.