A Beginner’s Guide To International Travel

Published on 07/12/2020

There’s no doubt that traveling gives you some of the best life experiences. It’s one of those awesome things that can instantly change your life -for the better. However, for some people, international travel may be a bit daunting…especially if you’re doing it alone. We understand, of course, there are nerves when traveling abroad, but we’re here to help you make your voyages easier and so much fun. Take a look at these awesome tips to help get your international travels underway. Enjoy!

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A Beginner’s Guide To International Travel

Consider Your Budget

Before you plan your big trip, you definitely need to take into account the amount of money you have or that you want to spend. Do not feel pressured in any way to visit the most expensive tourist attractions or stay in lavish hotels just because its the current trend. Save as much money as you can before traveling, it’s still possible to have a memorable trip without splurging.

Start With Somewhere Easy

All around the world there are places that are easier to travel to, and if this is your first time traveling abroad you may want to rather pick one of those destinations. For example, don’t choose a place that is the furthest or most difficult to get to.

Plan An Itinerary

Once you have picked your destination, its time to start planning your itinerary. If you’re a beginner at international travel, we highly recommend you do this thoroughly. It doesn’t have to plan down to the last detail, you can also leave room for spontaneous adventures. It’s best to check in advance if you can get any coupons or discounts to restaurants or main tourist attractions. There are also some great applications that you can download that will be an amazing help to you during your trip.

Pack Light

This is often one of the hardest things to get right when traveling, but once you do you will be so grateful. Most people think, “ooh but this will look great” or “I may just need this”. Take our advice, if you haven’t worn it recently or you ‘think’ you might need the item…don’t pack it. It will save you space and weight.

Research & Download Good Apps

This is not always a must but will definitely come in handy. There are tons of excellent apps that will help you both before and during your travels. The top two apps you should definitely download are  Google Translate Google Maps…there’s nothing worse than getting lost in a country where English is not commonly spoken. From booking your flight to currency converting, the list is endless and will no doubt help you out a lot.

Keep Safe

To many people, safety may not be such a huge concern. But while traveling, not all countries are safe and not all people you meet are honest. This does not mean you need to be scared or wary of everything and everyone, but what we are saying is that you need to be careful- especially in a place that you are unfamiliar with. Don’t travel with all your valuables and a lot of cash. And if this is a must don’t leave your luggage open or unlocked!