5 Reasons Why You Should Live Close To The Sea

Published on 11/03/2021

Have you ever met someone who hates the sea? Strange thought, right? For most of us, a sea is a place we love and are drawn to again and again. For most people the beach is associated with freedom, beauty and happiness. It is, therefore, no surprise that the majority of people prefer to do their vacation on the beach. The general enthusiasm for large bodies of water is not pure emotionalism, but pure science. Because the sea has been proven to make us feel better – here you can find out why:

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5 Reasons Why You Should Live Close To The Sea

Feeling Of Freedom

The feeling of infinite space and distance is what is so fascinating. You look out to sea and nothing seems to stand in the way of the horizon. You can get lost in the distance and find yourself again. Dream away and forget everyday life. Nothing can tame the sea, and this power seems to be transferred to you. Enjoy this freedom!

Beneficial For Health

The healthy thing about the sea is the salt content in the water. Every time you enter the sea, you are doing something good for your body, as this loosens dead skin cells and makes the skin firmer and softer. The sea water also has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. The hair even nourishes itself from the salt content. However, you should wash off the salt afterwards, because the longer the salt in the hair, the more it dries out the hair and the scalp. Another major health factor is the air. It is the purest of all by the sea. Here you are far away from the usual air pollution and the salt in the air is good for your airways by moisturizing the mucous membranes and improving the blood flow to the airways.

Reduces Stress

Ring the alarm clock, get up, shower, eat, out of the house, into work, emails, phone, appointments, after work, shopping, dinner, tidying up, taking a breath – done. Our everyday life is clocked and requires us to function. A number of artificial stimuli patter down on us … The sea, on the other hand, is calm, a large, wide area that cannot be built upon. With a view to the broad horizon, we no longer have to process information, but can simply experience the here and now – with all of our senses. In particular, the light wave spectrum of the blue-green color of the sea has a calming and even relaxing effect.

Effects Our Brain

There’s another very interesting study that examined the influence of the sea on our state of health and wellbeing. The study shows that the majority of people in the interior of the country feel rather “mediocre”, while people on the coast feel very comfortable. Among other things, the effect of the sea on our brain is responsible for this: With all its properties and influences, the sea as a whole demonstrably stimulates our brain to produce serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine – a nice cocktail of happiness hormones! It also stimulates the area in the brain, which are essential for fond memories and balance.

Makes Us Fitter

The influence of the sea not only alleviates health problems, but it also makes us fitter in general. Even the brief sight of the sea has been proven to increase our ability to concentrate. After a longer stay at the sea we are even more physically efficient, although we have not done any sport, or are we? A walk on the beach is just as exhausting as jogging without us noticing, due to the soft ground and the strong wind.