Best And Worst Places For A First Date

Published on 09/30/2021

You have a date? Congratulations! The time of the date is set, and the perfect outfit is ready? Great, then the only thing left to do is to clarify where you can best meet. But this decision is not that easy. Café, cinema or restaurant? What is the best location for the first date?

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Best And Worst Places For A First Date

The Café

In daylight and in everyday business, a nice, central café (don’t choose your favorite café!) Is ideal for getting to know each other for the first time. If it is over the latte macchiato, you can arrange to meet for a second, longer date. But if it doesn’t fit, everyone can get back to your everyday life quickly without having to sit down over a three-course meal.

The Park Bench

Another good choice for a first date is the park bench. Those who are a little early have the advantage of being able to perceive the other person’s appearance from a distance. It’s best to have a second donut with you to offer. Here, too, a short conversation with a polite cancellation is possible – or a walk if both want to spend more time together.

Ice Cream

Almost everyone likes ice cream and provides a good start to a conversation. Provided that the season is right, otherwise, the walk to the ice cream place seems forced. If you first walk around a bit with the ice cream together, you can get to know each other easily while moving and then decide whether you still want to come in.



How can you get to know someone when you sit next to each other in the dark for two hours? That is why cinema is an absolute no-go. It may sound romantic at first glance, but it’s definitely not.


As harmless as dinner sounds – it can get very long. Even the most romantic restaurant becomes a suburb of hell when the other person sits next to you in silence or talking all the time. For a second date after having coffee or ice cream at the first meeting, on the other hand, every restaurant is romantic, even the Hot Dog stands in the neon light.

A Club

A Nightclub is completely unsuitable unless you want to find out how quickly the other person gets hoarse or how ready someone is to make a monkey on the dance floor. In addition, there is darkness and neon light, both of which limit perception.

The Home

Inviting you home is an absolute no-go. Your own four walls say a lot – and give you a lot of access to your own privacy. And who would like to have someone at home on the kitchen table that you might not even like? It is also more difficult to end the date or kick him out when you don’t like the other person.

The Bar

With a lot of alcohol and little light, almost anyone can have a nice time. That is why a bar is also not ideal for a first date. Be careful if this location is suggested by the other: he/she has to have a drink first to loosen up or for example, to hide the smaller and larger wrinkles in the light of twilight? In order to be able to really perceive the other as a person, the cozy bar should rather be postponed to the stormy second or third date – if you don’t want to say goodbye to each other …