The Craziest Dishes Around The World

Published on 11/17/2020

Are you brave? Do you want to try a new recipe? In this article you can find some of the craziest dishes around the world.


The Craziest Dishes Around The World

Century Egg:

Nearly every Chinese restaurant offers them. The 1000 – year old egg, or as others call it, the century egg. But what is the deal about this bizarre egg? Behind the fancy name, there are actually just preserved eggs. The process includes soaking the eggs in a solution consisting of salt, clay and rice hulls. Depending on the wanted taste intensity, the eggs stay in the solution from a few weeks to a few months. After the process is over, the egg yolk gets a creamy texture, and the egg white transforms into black jelly. The Chinese cuisine uses chicken, duck or quail eggs for this mysterious dish. In China, century eggs are one of the most loved dishes. They are either eaten as a side of rice porridge or just alone as a snack. So the next time you have enough of a boring sunny-side up, try a 1000 year old egg to spice up your breakfast!

Fried Spiders:

Are you searching for a healthy alternative to chicken nuggets? Then you definitely have to try out fried spiders. The exotic dish has its origins in the Cambodian town of Sukon, where it is known to be a famous snack. The dish is made out of the Haplopelma Albostiratum tarantula, a spider living in Cambodia and south- east Asia. Marinaded in a sugar-salt mix and fried in garlic, the spider just tastes like crispy chicken. They not only taste great, but are very high in zinc, protein and folic acid. Even top chefs such as Gordon Ramsey traveled the long way to Cambodia, only to try the freaky dish.

Monkey Brain:

It might sound crazy, but it is true. In Singapore monkey brain, counts to one of the greatest delicatessens. The traditional dish is rather expensive and only served for special occasions. The Singapore cuisine serves the monkey brain very fresh. Therefore, the brain might still move once it gets to the table. For many years already, animal welfare organizations are fighting against the offering of Monkey brains in Singapore’s restaurants, without any luck. Singapore is proud of its traditional food and continues to serve monkey brain as a specialty.


Kangaroo meat is a dish you can only find in Australia. Kangaroos are high in protein and low in fat, therefore many Australians see it as the healthiest meat alternative. From steak over burger to sausages, Kangaroo meat can be served in every form possible. Eating Kangaroo meat instead of cow meat, might even help to save the planet. Many ecologists arguing that farming native animals more than cattle, could massively reduce greenhouse emissions.


Escamol counts to one of Mexico’s greatest dishes and is also known as “insect caviar”. The meal is made of pupae of ants and edible larvae. It is usually served in tacos, omelets, tortillas or eaten alone.

Now you have some ideas to spice up your meals. Let’s see if you are brave enough to try them!